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 Chat User Guides/ Announcements

# KasuKusu Chat User Guide - 1 [Special Announcement]
# Hondata Narakata Dekata "Net"Maya...

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There Are No Any Nominations At This Moment...
The Nominations Will Be Considered To Next Chat Management.

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 Activities [In Brief..]

# Monitoring The Chat Room.
# Moderating The Chat Room.
# Providing Assistance To Every User.
# Co-Operating With Users
# Accepting User's New Ideas Or Opinions
# Using "Super Powers" To Providing Best Service To End User.
# Accepting Complaints From Users.
# Making Friendly Environment In Chat.
# Handling The Chat.

Read Sinhalaya Chat End User Policy for know more..
Sinhala or English (PDF)

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 Chat Management (As effect from 19th June 2010)  

1. @Teddy (Administrator) ***
2. BlackCat
3. Jarayaka (Senior CM)
4. Guru_G (Senior CM)
5. Preethii (Administrator)
6. Sathuta
7. Yak_Patiya
8. Batista (Senior CM)
9. Real_Leader
10. Nuwan_Rockz ***
11. Hemalak ***
12. Niroda
13. Madusanka420 ***
14. Ganja ***
15. Style
16. Iris
17. Shaki22 ***
18. Ireshmi ***
19. -Warsha-
20. iBBa (Director)
21. Kith-Tha (Director)
22. Jollyseeya ***

                         *** Newly appointed CM(s)
                         *** Newly appointed

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 User's Events

There Are No Any Events In This Area..

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 Black Listed Users

The Users Has Been Black Listed By The Chat Management Due To
Bad Behavior, Insulting Or Abuse Attempts.. Therefore, We Are Alert Our Users When A Black Listed User Logon The Chat As, Username [Black Listed User].

So, We Highly Recommend You To Be Alert With These Users And We May Not Responsible For Any Result To You Caused By Them.

- Don't Provide Your Real Details To Them.
- If He/She Trying To Forcing You, Please Contact A Chat Manager [CM] Immediately.
- We Are Not Responsible For Any Statement By Black Listed Users, Then, Please Contact a CM When "BL User's" Statements.

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